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Meg Ryan

“If You Empower Women, You Can Change the World” Meg Ryan

Since her television debut, Meg Ryan has been considered one of the most influential and recognizable actors in Hollywood. Starring in such notable hits as When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Top Gun, You’ve Got Mail, City of Angels, Courage Under Fire, and many more, Meg Ryan not only defined an entire generation of romantic comedy, but also gathered significant critical acclaim in her dramatic work. Nominated for multiple Golden Globes as well as SAG awards, she has also received immense acclaim for her work as a producer and director, bringing life to a diverse group of projects. Education and empowerment are core issues for the esteemed actor, which led to her association with the program.

Born in Fairfield, CT, Meg Ryan established herself as an actor-in-demand appearing in programs like “As The World Turns” and various commercial television spots. This success led to her pursuing acting full time, and appearing in such films as Innerspace and D.O.A., along with the breakout blockbuster status of Top Gun, her true breakthrough came in Rob Reiner’s “When Harry Met Sally”. The film’s success catapulted Meg Ryan to Hollywood’s A-list, where she became a mainstay as one of America’s favorite leading ladies in romance and comedy films, while also being awarded high praise for her dramatic turns in roles such as Alice Green in “When A Man Loves A Woman”. Meg Ryan’s career has continued to thrive through the decades along with taking on additional responsibilities behind the camera.

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Delivering stellar performances for over 40 years